Karen Kilkenny // Proprietor

The Prickly Pig philosophy:  Good Food.  Good Fun.  Good Company!  

Oakland, CA, United States  |  (510) 842-PORK (7675) |  pricklypigpork@gmail.com

Prickly Pig is a gourmet food company based in Oakland, California.  The company, a producer of small batch and unique blend of Northern and Southern Carolina style barbecue sauce and rubs,  began with a pork sandwich at a party in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco, California.  Karen Kilkenny, founder of the Prickly Pig, and a group of close friends made it a ritual to celebrate special occasions with a 'pork sandwich party.'   These close-knit parties attended by Karen's foodie friends inspired sauce recipes, innovative pulled pork sandwiches and more.  Karen found that her friends and family loved what she was creating so she decided to bottle up her sauce and dry rub. Today, keep an eye out for the Prickly Pig Barbecue Sauce and Dry Rubs in stores throughout the United States. 

 Tangy. Spicy. Versatile. 

Prickly Pig fans like to say, "This signature sauce is best added to everything!"  
"The Chicken One dry rub is my crack"

​​Experience for yourself, the unique taste of Prickly Pig!